Mattress Roll-Packing Machine

mattress roll-packing machine

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JK-R3 Automatic mattress roll packing machine

This is the newest and most advanced machine in “R” series. It’s a flexible mattress rolling machine.The exist diameter of this machine can be adjustable ,so it suits rolling all different height mattresses.

1.Exist diameter can be adjusted.It suits rolling all kinds of mattresses which are suitable for rolling.No mattress how high or how thin the mattress is.

2.The exist diameter size is effected by the mattress length.Normally,in the range of 24cm-50cm.

3.Easy to operate,labour saving.Only need 2 workers to operate.

4.Can be connected into the mattress packing line. Or you can add the rolling working table before the rolling part.(Customized)

Exit Diameter

240mm-500mm (Can be adjusted)

Foam density

25kg/m³ - 45kg/m³

Machine weight

3000 kg

Machine size


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